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Sibu Wisdom and Inspiration – Tashi!

September 12, 2014
Tashi Defitinition Image

Every year extra excitement runs through our office during harvest season and we’ve learned from our Himalayan harvesters, “Tashi!” As we celebrate our sea buckthorn abundance we share this sentiment with you. Tashi!
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Hand Harvesting of Sibu Sea Buckthorn

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Harvest

In the pre-dawn hours, Tibetan women lay drop cloths below the branches of wild growing sea buckthorn trees in the Leh Valley found in the southern region of the Himalayas.  This early morning ritual, thousands of years old, is honored year after year during the short 4-6 week sea buckthorn berry harvest season in...

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil BOGO Image

Sibu Beauty Seed Oil BOGO

Sibu Beauty Instagram Contest 8-25-14

Sibu Instagram Contest

Enter our Instagram Contest for a chance to win 1 free bottle of our Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement.

Sibu Wednesday Wisdom 8-20-14

Sibu Wednesday Wisdom 8-20-14

Sibu Beauty Article Image for How To Avoid Sunspots

How To Avoid Sunspots

In our 20’s we’re often negligent.  In our 30’s awareness creeps in, and by our 40’s we’re manning the battle stations.  What’s the issue? Sun Spots!  Sun related hyperpigmentation is a long-term endeavor.  Early and ongoing prevention is essential.  So if the sun is our enemy, what are we to do? -Live in a...

Sibu Wednesday Wisdom 8-13-14

Sibu Wednesday Wisdom 8-13-14

Mint SBT 800

Sea Buckthorn Mint Cooler

Summertime is the perfect time for refreshing beverages.  This sea buckthorn mint cooler will boost your health and cool you down.  Delicious! Recipe 1/3 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves, Packed 3 1/2 Cups Water 1/2 Cup Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement 1/4 Scant Cup of Organic Sugar (or your favorite sweetener to taste) Directions...

Sibu Beauty Dalai Lama Quote Image

Sibu’s Wednesday Wisdom 8-6-14

Sibu Beauty Friday Inspiration

Sibu Beauty Friday Inspiration

Sibu Beauty Supports Cancer Wellness House

Sibu Supports Cancer Wellness House

So many of us have had our lives affected by cancer, whether it’s friends, family, or ourselves.  Cancer Wellness House supports those living with cancer and their loved ones by providing emotional and spiritual support, mind and body wellness, and social/community connections in a homelike setting.   Each year Cancer Wellness House hosts Survivors...