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The Science Behind Weightloss

July 28, 2011

As you can imagine, our office has been flooded with calls regarding whether or not our product truly works for weight-loss. Ever since the sea buckthorn berry, and not to mention our product, was featured on Dr. Oz, revealing a science experiment on mice to show how consuming sea buckthorn could help maintain weight. Or, as many phone calls have asked “aided weightloss.”

Though sea buckthorn is a great way of getting healthy Omegas, Vitamins and antioxidants, we cannot claim that it stimulates weight loss. But, for all you readers who are antsy to know how to drop pounds, here is some research that really does work!

The basic science is if you burn 3500 calories you will burn a pound of fat.
1lb FAT = 3500 Calories.
You need to burn more calories in a day than you consume. Kapish? Good. Here’s how.

If you can follow these 4 rules every day, it is guaranteed that you will lose weight:

Rule #1: Keep a journal

Most weight-loss success stories include writing in a journal every day – keeping track of the food you consume, daily exercise, your mood and even how you feel physically that day. Keeping a journal can help immensely because you will be able to look over your progress. Progress seems transparent when you cannot keep it in physical form. My favorite journal is called the Flogg Daily:FLogg DAILY in Classic Black


You can find the Flogg Daily at http://floggdaily.com/books.html

Why it works: With FLogg DAILY, meals and exercise are divided equally on two-page spreads, providing ample room to track your calories for three full months. Fresh foods and sports / activity caloric indices are included as handy reference guides, as well as personal assessment pages to gauge your progress, all rolled into a slim, sexy package that you can take with you anywhere. (www.floggdaily.com)

Rule #2: Daily Exercise… Get Moving!

This is a must! Whether its your morning Jazzercise class, Yoga, or Running even 20 minutes a day, its always important to incorporate at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day. Any nutrition specialist, weight loss program, or physician will tell you the same thing. You cannot drop pounds if you do not include daily activity. If you hate going for a run, try biking or walking to work. Grab a backpack, throw in your work clothes, a nice pair of heels, and a cool helmet – find one at http://www.altrec.com – and GO!

You can’t drop pounds if you don’t start looking for ways to increase your calorie burn. There are ways to have fun with exercise, here I found a site for you: http://zenhabits.net/48-fun-exercises/. CHECK OUT THIS LIST!


Rule #3: Time, Time & More Time

If you believe that you can lose ten pounds in one week, well, I hate to break it to ya but its just not realistic. Losing weight, whether its 2 pounds of 56 pounds, will take time – more time than you may think so stay realistic. One pound a week is healthy and realistic, 10 pounds a week is not. The marketing that you see for miracle pills that “shed pounds fast” don’t really work unless you follow a strict diet and exercise plan, and even then its not good for your body to be taking them in the first place. Just stick to being natural and clean; clean of chemicals and detox kits that will blast fat in “days.”

Rule #4: Make healthy decisions at mealtime

This is the hardest rule for me to follow. I love sugar. Eating correctly is sometimes the hardest part to stick with. Whether its binging on Hershey’s Chocolate Bars or Carrots, eating is always supposed to be done in moderation. MODERATION. As you need to exercise in moderation (not over or under), you need to feed yourself in moderation as well. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have your Starbucks Frappaccino, but it does mean that instead of getting a Grande Frapp every day,cut calories by getting a Tall. Or get your Frapp two to three times a week. This will cut calories significantly. Remember, you need to burn 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat.

THE MATH: Burn 1lb FAT = Burn 3500 Calories. We put on fat a lot faster than we can lose it!

If you want a good read, here are some books that have really changed the way I look at food:

http://cache0.bookdepository.co.uk/assets/images/book/medium/9781/5948/9781594866241.jpgThis book gives you everything from recipes to workouts and even gives you a day – to – day eating plan for those who want it written out for them!





Like to eat out? Eat This Not That is the perfect solution book for the person who has no time to cook, eats in his or her car or in the office most of time. This book will tell you about healthy choices to make in the kitchen and in the fast-food drive through.





And finally for the person who just wants to be totally green. The Eat-Clean Diet book will show you how to make 100% Green, natural and clean eating decisions by completely ridding your body of pesticides, preservatives and all of the nasty things put in food. You can pick up the Eat-Clean Diet work out book to ensure maximum results.






Try making changes little by little. You’ll notice a difference.




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