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Skin Care For Men

April 12, 2012


Is there really a difference between men and women’s products other than scent? Many skin care products catering to women will use distinctly feminine scents with floral or sweet notes, sending most guys out the store doors with bar soap and maybe sunscreen if they know enough about skin care to protect themselves from UV damage.

To reach the male skin care market, companies often take the same formulations geared toward women and exchange the scent with something more masculine smelling like woodsy notes.  But is that really all there is to it?

The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Skin

Both genders have similarities when it comes to aging, sensitivity, oiliness and more.  The difference comes when we take a look at hormonal differences and the role of facial hair.  Men generally have higher levels of testosterone than women, which can result in increased oiliness.  While this oiliness can be troublesome for daily care and preventing breakouts, the increase in moisture retention from teens to the middle years can help men’s skin age better. Higher testosterone levels also provide some protection from collagen and elastin degradation.  After age 50, as testosterone levels decline, men will find their skin becoming more dry and in need of more emollient products.

If a man sports a beard, this actually protects the underlying skin from UV exposure.  Over many years the cumulative effect can make a significant difference in the youthfulness of that skin. Conversely, shaving the skin causes increased sensitivity, inflammation, potential for infection and ingrown hairs.  All of these factors call for products that can specifically address these variables.  Hence, the men’s old standby, “aftershave.”  Unfortunately, most aftershaves have not been updated to remove irritants and promote  healing of skin tissue.  This is where research-based skin care, usually reserved for women’s skin care, crosses over to help men get better results.

The likelihood of ingrown hairs decreases with regular exfoliation, so adding a scrub to the weekly routine can really help.  Aftershave needs to add moisture without increasing oiliness, reduce inflammation, and have ingredients that are anti-microbial.

Science Based Skin Care

With science supporting our skin care, Sibu Beauty’s formulations are suited for all skin types, including men’s.  To address the stress caused to the skin from shaving we particularly recommend our Exfoliating Scrub and Hydrating Serum.  Use our scrub on a weekly basis to reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

In addition to being chalk full of antioxidants and Omega 7, sea buckthorn is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.  Using our Sea buckthorn Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid makes the perfect moisturizing, calming, and healing aftershave.

What most skin care lines overlook, is that great skin starts from the inside out.  We always recommend drinking our all natural Revitalize & Renew Drink with organic Sea Buckthorn and taking our Cellular Support Capsules to give your body over 190 nutrients and especially Omega-7 for the formation of healthy hair, skin and nails.

For more information on men’s skin we recommend checking out the International Dermal Institute.

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2 Responses to Skin Care For Men

  1. Shaquita Pangelina on April 18, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Thanks for this information. It is hard to find balancedopinions so I will visit your site again. Keep the great articles coming

    • admin on April 18, 2012 at 11:32 pm

      Thanks, Shaquita.