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Ginger and Colorectal Cancer

June 8, 2012
Ginger Root

Photo by trekkiedane via photobucket

High levels of rectal inflammation can lead to lesions, which can ultimately develop into colorectal cancer.   While more studies are needed, the October 2011 issue of Cancer Prevention Research highlights an initial study with promising findings.

Taking 2 grams of a ginger supplement daily for 28 days, participants saw a 28% decrease in PEG-2 levels compared to the placebo group.  The body releases PEG-2, a hormone-like molecule, when areas of the body become inflamed.  Thus, the lower the PEG-2 level, the lower the amount of inflammation.

With a small test group of 30, more research is needed to determine optimal ginger intake for cancer prevention.  The quantities in the study were the highest a healthy person can tolerate without increasing gastrointestinal problems.  Lower quantities may be sufficient.

To read the abstract for yourself, please click here.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Colorectal cancer kills more people in the US than any other cancer except lung cancer.  Early detection screenings are still the best way to prevent colon cancer. “People who have no identified risk factors (other than age) should begin regular screening at age 50. Those who have a family history or other risk factors for colorectal polyps or cancer, such as inflammatory bowel disease, should talk with their doctor about starting screening at a younger age and/or getting screened more frequently”.  (The American Cancer Society)



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