Resolution: Sustainable, Healthy Living with GoMacro & Sibu Beauty

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions that you made 6 months ago? It really wasn’t that long ago, but how are you doing on things like “eating healthier”, “exercising regularly” or “taking better care of our planet”? Well, we say it’s time for a checkup on those resolutions!

July is“Pure” month at sea buckthornSibu. We looked at our own resolutions anddecided to share with you some pretty important (and “Pure”) information about us and our berries. Sibu is all about sea buckthorn. Bringing the highest quality and most nutrient dense berries to you is our mission. It isn’t easy or convenient to do what we do, but we believe 100% that it’s worth it. Taking care of our bodies – inside and out, and taking care of our planet are things that ring true in the heart of this family owned business. We are proud to offer an exclusive line of health & beauty products that will improve the way you look and the way you feel. But weare also sensitive to the constant stress on our environment due to chemicals, overflowing landfills, and irresponsible management of our forests and other valued resources. For these reasons, Sibu Beauty is proud to participate in a range of sustainability initiatives, which respect the earth and the resources it provides. From our easily recycled plastic and our partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council to our fair trade harvesting practices in Tibet, Sibu wants to make a difference for your health and for the planet.

Let’s step back for just a moment and talk about a little orange berry. This berry is “pure” and simple, the hero of our story. High in the Tibetan Himalayas (about 13,000 feet above sea level) grows a tiny but resilient fruit that resists the harsh weather conditions and high altitudes of it’s home. It is referred to by many names – sea buckthorn, sea berry, Siberian pineapple – just to name a few. This little powerhouse of a berry fortifies itself with over 190 bioactive compounds. It is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, 9 and the elusive Omega 7, a fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails. Used for centuries, the sea buckthorn berry is a natural product with 1300 years of traditional use and modern scientific research to back it up.

Sea Buckthorn JuiceSibu products, specifically our Omega 7 Pure, are made from a choice selection of Himalayan sea buckthorn berries, the Turkistanica variety, that are wild crafted and sustainably harvested. Rather than using cultivators, heavy equipment or axes, Sibu chooses to have the berries hand-harvested the traditional way, by the same people that have been taught by generations of ancestors. This not only maintains the beauty and tradition of the people, it helps to maintain the nutritive integrity of the berry. Harvesting takes place in the early morning hours when the berries’ nutrients are at their peak and processing takes place the very same day. The “Pure” puree of the berry is what you get in Omega 7 Pure. This beautiful orange colored puree is then sent on a “chilly” journey to the United States where it is used to create all of the Sibu product line.

This “pure” but not simple beginning is very important to us and we believe in leaving the world better than we found it. Our dedication to the Tibetan people and to the sustainability of our berry combined with the benefits that Sibu products offer you, the consumer is in large part the reason for our partnering with another company who believes in and lives by the same principles, GoMacro. The commitment shown by GoMacro to provide healthy products while supporting and caring for the Earth are things we admire and value.

We are excited to partner with GoMacro in raising awareness and increasing knowledge regarding fair trade and sustainability practices. GoMacro’s business practices include responsibly sourcing ingredients and sustainable stewardship of the Earth with Fair Trade Certification. The tray packaging for each case of GoMacro MacroBars is compostable and made from 100% post consumer waste. GoMacro treads lightly with thier carbon footprint and recently became a Carbonfree® Business Partner. In addition to stringent environmental standards, they use wholesome, healthy, USDA organic and GMO-free ingredients. Start today to live by your resolutions to make a difference for your health and for our planet.


To celebrate our partnership we’re hosting a Facebook Giveaway on GoMacro’s Facebook Page. Hop over and enter for a chance to win some great products from Sibu and GoMacro. Offer valid 7/10/15 through 7/13/15.