2012 A Record Setting Sea Buckthorn Harvest

Sibu 2012 Sea Buckthorn Berry HarvestSibu, LLC, the leader in premium sea buckthorn berry-based topical and ingestible products sold under the Sibu Beauty and soon-to-be-released Sibu Seven labels; marked this year’s harvest from their proprietary Himalayan location, as the best in the young company’s history and reported that annual yield was up over 25% from last year.

Bruce McMullin, Founder and CEO of Sibu, LLC who recently returned from the harvest location 12,000 ft. above sea level that borders Tibet, enthusiastically declared, “We are thrilled at the quality, abundance and color vibrancy of this year’s sea buckthorn crop. The deeper hues of orange/red tones that appear in the berry, the better the nutritional profile. The sea buckthorn berry has been used in Eastern Civilizations for centuries in hundreds of medicinal and whole-body applications, which are just becoming recognized and documented here at home, for the numerous health and wellness benefits. In addition to being the highest known concentration of Omega 7 found in any food source, sea buckthorn is also becoming recognized as an amazing natural resource that contains over 190 bio-actives and is a powerhouse of nutrients. Properly grown, harvested and processed, premium sea buckthorn berries contain 10 times the Vitamin C as an orange, essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 plus an impressive amount of carotenoids, flavonoids, amino acids, and over 20 minerals.”

McMullin, who recently established the United States Sea Buckthorn Association, which is aligned with the International Seabuckthorn Association based in China, is recognized as the force greatly responsible for bringing the significance of the sea buckthorn berry to the western world and continues to encourage research and scientific testing on the berry’s positive effects on health, beauty and wellness functions.

Although sea buckthorn grows in several regions throughout the world it is the Turkistanica variety that has been clinically shown to be a better and more nutritionally complete berry. Sibu is the only company using this varietal of sea buckthorn in their consumer products. Contributing factors include the pristine air quality, rich soil as well as low oxygen levels and high solar radiation. Additionally, Sibu, which follows sustainable farming practices and employs local people through a fair trade agreement, subscribes to the centuries-old techniques used by the indigenous people of harvesting the fruit in the cool, early morning hours before the heat of the sun diminishes the nutrients. Only the ripened fruit is collected into ground cloths by striking the branches of the sea buckthorn bush and then processed within a few short hours. The pureed fruit maintains the rich orange fresh-off-the-branch color, which signifies that oxidation has not occurred; is immediately frozen to lock in the nutrients and sent to the US to manufacture and distribute the finished products under the company’s strict quality-control standards.

Sibu LLC introduced the Sibu Beauty line of topical and ingestible products in 2009 and will soon officially unveil the Sibu Seven line of supplements. All of the products contain Wild Crafted/USDA Organic Sea Buckthorn that contains no dangerous chemicals or parabens. The 100% natural products are vegan, cruelty-free and PETA-certified.

About Sibu Beauty
Sibu Beauty  was introduced in early 2009 to provide customers worldwide with a comprehensive approach to beauty from the inside out and outside in. The Sibu Beauty product line is based on a powerful and distinctive whole food source, the sea buckthorn berry. This super food is backed by hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating its success at addressing a variety of consumer needs including improved skin tone and texture, healthy aging and digestive health and noticeable improvements in cardiovascular fitness, energy and weight loss.

About Sibu, LLC
The products of Sibu Beauty – a subsidiary of Sibu, LLC , and “The Sea Buckthorn Company” – are made with only premium sea buckthorn berries exclusively grown and harvested for the company in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. The company’s meticulous harvesting process results in a more hardy and potent berry. Sibu’s proprietary manufacturing process maximizes the efficacy of sea buckthorn raws, producing one of the most nutrient dense sea buckthorn products available on the market today. The Tibetan villagers who are responsible for harvesting Sibu Beauty’s sea buckthorn berries benefit from a fair trade agreement, safe and healthy working conditions and environmentally responsible practices that ensure they will enjoy the benefits of the sea buckthorn harvest for years.

An Interview With Sibu Founder Bruce McMullin

The Sibu team is incredibly proud of what the company represents and the sustainable efforts it has secured to help financially-struggling families earn fair wages high in the Himalayan Mountain villages where the sea buckthorn berry is grown.

We recently sat down with our company founder Bruce McMullin and asked him a few questions that we will be sharing during the sea buckthorn harvest that runs through the end of October.

Tibetan HimalayasQ:  What is so special about the sea buckthorn harvest in this location compared to other locations around the world where the berry grows?

A:  The annual sea buckthorn harvest, locally referred to as “Brami”, begins annually on September 14th and runs through the end of October. The people that occupy the local villages are thankful for the blessing that has been bestowed upon them. It is their way of giving thanks to Mother Nature for providing a bountiful supply of the revered sea buckthorn berry. In addition to being used as a food source, the sea buckthorn berry has literally hundreds of medicinal applications as referenced in their classical medicinal book “The Sibu Yi Dian”.

Q:  You mention that your proprietary locations are key to the superiority of your finished topical and ingestible 100% natural products, could you explain how and why?

Sunset in HimalayasA:  There are several areas of the world that grow sea buckthorn but we are confident that our proprietary resource, located 12,000 feet above sea level, is truly the most nutrient-dense variety of this Omega 7 powerhouse of a super fruit. Unscathed surroundings, pristine environment and tremendous variances in temperature are a winning combination for the nutritional content of sea buckthorn…and that is why we grow/harvest and puree the berries, used in our products, at this location.

Q:  Are there any differences in when/how the berries are harvested?

Tibetan Woman Harvesting Sea BuckthornA: Absolutely! Sea buckthorn has been grown and used for centuries throughout Eastern Civilizations so we looked to the locals as experts on how to best harvest the bright orange berries. The keys to achieving optimum nutritional benefits are in harvesting only the fully-ripened fruit. This is done by literally hitting the branches with sticks and  collecting the ripe fruit in burlap ground cloths. The harvesting is done in the pre dawn and early morning hours to ensure the nutrients stay in the fruit and are not absorbed by the hot midday sun. It is also of paramount importance that the berries be pureed within hours of being harvested and then refrigerated. Some companies choose to chop off the entire branch, freeze them and then, using high heating techniques, remove the berries from the bushes. Anytime you add heat, it takes away certain nutrients.

Q:  Why did you decide to implement a fair trade agreement with the local governments?

Tibetan Carrying Sea BuckthornA:  We had the opportunity to bring in tons of high-tech harvesting equipment and processing facilities but we knew that would change the environment. Again, these people have been growing/harvesting and processing sea buckthorn for centuries and have reaped the benefits by capturing the best the fruit has to offer. They are the experts. Additionally, we did not want to impose ourselves on their surroundings by irreparably tarnishing the environment and their lifestyle. Plus, simply put, these people needed money to sustain themselves through the brutal winter months. There is a saying that many of the lamas recite and translated it means “It is better to put a hand up rather than a hand out”. That is one of the reasons that The Dalai Lama and numerous other Lamas of the Himalayas have blessed Sibu’s efforts. Sibu made the conscious decision to empower the indigenous people and assure that these gracious individuals put in a hard day’s work and actually feel good about their accomplishments.  During the annual sea buckthorn harvesting season Sibu pays 400% to 500% above market wages.

Tibetan WomanSibu also brings more jobs to the US. During the past few years, Sibu has added and helped secure work for hundreds of Americans involved in final production, shipping and administrative roles.

Q:  What does the word “Tashi” translate to in English?

A:  Quite simply, it stands for “Good Health. Good Fortune.” And that is the message we hope to send to everyone we encounter along the way.



Upcoming Blog Talk Radio Interview: Sustainable Harvests; Ethical Business

Sea buckthorn berry harvestOur founder and CEO, Bruce McMullin and host Lillian Brummet will be discussing sustainability and ethical business practices on June 28th at 11:00 am MST on Blog Talk Radio.  We hope to see you there.

Born to parents of the Great Depression, Bruce McMullin has always exhibited the drive to succeed and to also lend a hand to those in need. After graduating from the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business he pursued numerous successful global entrepreneurial endeavors, created a prominent and award-winning home building company, and served as CEO of Gateway International.  His numerous philanthropic efforts included holding a board position for Choice Humanitarian. Bruce is also the founder of Sibu LLC – focusing on the promotion of sea buckthorn berry. His company’s premium sea buckthorn berries are harvested sustainably in the high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains through a fair-trade agreement; which empowers local women, an effort that was blessed by the Dalai Lama.


Dalai Lama for Peace

Sibu Beauty Blessing

Newark, N.J. – On Friday, May 13, the Dalai Lama – along with a diverse group of speakers ranging from a former member of the Bloods street gang to to Jody Williams, a peace activist from Brattleboro, VT – spoke on the topic of working for peace. With a crowd over 1,000 people, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader commenced the three-day Newark Peace Education Summit by enlightening the audience that finding inner peace is a pivotal precondition to making positive change in the world.

The Dalai Lama said, “The change in human society, the initiative, must start with the individual… I really feel America is the real champion of democracy and freedom, so America has a moral responsibility.”

He also added that people change systems, not the other way around, “The world belongs to over 6 billion human beings, not governments or religious leaders,” he said. “The world belongs to people.”

Like Eggs? Dalai Lama believes hens should be able to “engage in their natural behaviours”

So what’s the big deal about cage-free eggs? Eggs are just eggs, right?

Eh…. No. The term cage-free means that the hens are free to roam. These “cage-free” hens are protected from predators – not wild –  provided with shelter, fresh air, sunlight and an area to exercise at their free will. Hence the term cage-free meaning they are not contained in a cage or area where they cannot “spread their wings.”

From his speech testifying against egg-factory farms, the Dalai Lama spoke out against the perturbing practice of caging egg-laying hens and acknowledged the horrors of factory farming.

Dalai Lama
“The abuse we inflict on hens has always been particularly disturbing to me and I have always been particularly concerned toward how these animals are treated in industrial food production. I am troubled to learn about the practice of confining egg laying hens in tiny cages. In these cages, birds cannot engage in their natural behaviours, such as spreading their wings, laying eggs in a nesting area, perching, scratching at the ground, even standing on a solid surface. Each hen has less space to live than the very sheet of paper I have written this letter on. Turning these defenseless animals into egg-producing machines with no consideration for their welfare whatsoever is a degradation of our own humanity. Switching to cage free eggs would reduce the suffering of these animals.”

Dalai Lama Believes in Vegetarianism

From the his speech in 2007, the Dalai Lama advocated for vegetarianism and against animal suffering. He said, “These days there are many Tibetan groups in India working for vegetarianism and spreading compassion for animals, such acts are extremely good and something to rejoice. Most of the monasteries have also turned their kitchen into vegetarian which is really good.”

So, we asked ourselves, what are the best Vegan beauty products? Here’s what we found:

Bare Escentuals
Christopher Drummond

Urban Decay
Sibu Beauty
Bumble & Bumble

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A Journey of Discovery between a Man and a Holy Fruit, the Sea Buckthorn Berry

Bruce_headshotWhen Bruce McMullin, founder of Sibu Beauty, made the decision to take his adopted daughter back to visit the place she was born, he never realized the discovery that would transform his future and add to the betterment of local families living high in the Himalayan Mountains.

On the journey and after a chance meeting in India with a specialist in ayurvedic[1] medicine, McMullin became increasingly interested in the benefits of the bright orange sea buckthorn berry. For over 1,000 years, this berry had earned a reputation for healing, especially in the areas of improving digestion, promoting blood circulation and relieving cough and chronic pain. It is now becoming additionally famous in the West for its numerous wellness and beauty benefits. What began as a friendly and curious exchange between cultures led to the forming of Sibu Beauty, one of the most significant and early adopters, incorporating the holy fruit’s benefits into a line of beauty and wellness products that are presently available throughout the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

The hardy sea buckthorn berry grows in cooler climates throughout the world and is resilient to harsh weather conditions. Sibu Beauty’s source is high in the Himalayan Mountains at altitudes 12,000 ft above sea level. The sea buckthorn berry endures some of the harshest climatic conditions on the planet. It is because of those extremes in temperature that the berry protects itself against the often unforgiving forces of nature and literally locks in an array of powerful nutrients drawn from deep inside earth. Fortified with over 190 bio-active compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9 and is also a rich source of the most elusive fatty acid, Omega 7, a naturally-occurring component that keeps free radicals at bay and proves vital to the production of collagen. The scientific conclusion, reached after numerous studies, is that the sea buckthorn berry demonstrates the ability to improve skin, hair and nail tone/texture, digestive wellness and promotes healthy aging. The berry is becoming acknowledged as one of the most significant functional whole food “re”-discoveries of the 21st Century.

The journey didn’t stop with the passion for the berry and the inception of Sibu Beauty but also included the commitment to help the indigenous people. McMullin worked with numerous officials to establish a fair trade agreement that employs local workers by offering them better wages and safe working conditions while keeping the environment virtually unblemished. This notable effort was recently acknowledged and blessed by the Dalai Lama.

[1] A’yur·ve’dic “pertaining to traditional Hindu science of medicine,” from ayurveda “science of life”, from ayur “life + veda “knowledge.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


‘Do the right thing’ is taught to every child in kindergarten, but is a value lacking in most businesses. When Sibu Beauty continued its legacy of humanitarian efforts by taking an active role in improving the lives of the women of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama took notice.

Sibu Beauty Blessing

The main ingredient in all Sibu Beauty products is the sea buckthorn berry, a unique superfruit carefully harvested by hand, only one month a year, high in the Himalayas by the women of the region. When Sibu established fair trade agreements with local harvesters to secure rights to this source, one major goal was, and continues to be, creating opportunities for work and fair pay to the people of the region. As a result of these fair trade agreements, Sibu Beauty has improved the quality of life of these Tibetan villagers as well as providing a source of income for women, who can now make enough money to help the family weather the harsh Tibetan winters in just a couple of months.

Sibu Beauty’s efforts made a noticeable difference to the Tibetan villagers and caught the attention of  the Dalai Lama, ultimately leading to a meeting with His Holiness and Sibu co-founder Ramesh “Nico” Khanna. During this meeting, His Holiness offered his blessing on the “wonderful effort” taking place every harvest season, and voiced his gratitude for the opportunity given to women in the region to work and earn fair trade compensation.

“The meeting and blessing by His Holiness the Dalai Lama is validation of Sibu’s efforts to provide means for local villagers to earn fair compensation to sustain their families through the brutal Himalayan winter,” said LaMar Wiscombe, CEO of Sibu Beauty. “Sibu could buy sea buckthorn raw materials on the open market for a fraction of what it costs to have it hand-harvested in the remote mountain valleys of Tibet. However, we believe in a higher cause than just profit margins.”

According to company founder Bruce McMullin, “Sibu Beauty’s work with the women of Tibet is just one of the our initiatives to be a good corporate citizen and show that sustainability is about more than energy conservation. Sibu’s products are made to the highest standards to reduce damage to the environmental from chemicals, overflowing landfills and irresponsible management of our forests and other resources. Our work and partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council, Tashi Foundation and Choice Humanitarian help make our world a healthier, better place for everyone.”

More information about Sibu Beauty’s products, humanitarian and sustainability practices are available at http://sibubeauty.com and http://sibubeauty.com/blog.

Meeting with the Dalai Lama

Sibu Beauty’s deep-rooted philanthropy efforts, particularly with the women in the Himalayan villages of Tibet, have not gone unnoticed. As a result, Sibu Beauty’s Nico Khanna had an opportunity to meet with the Dalai Lama.

In these two videos Nico talks to Sibu Beauty Founder Bruce McMullin about the lead-up to his meeting and lunch with the Dalai Lama. This meeting was brought about by interest His Holiness and his officials have in Sibu’s efforts in Himalayan villages where their sea buckthorn berries are harvested. Sibu’s fair-trade agreements have provided new well-paying jobs for villagers (especially women) so families can buy enough provisions to get through the rugged mountainous winter seasons.