4 Tips to Heal Itchy, Flaky, Dry Winter Skin

Sibu Beauty Winter Skin Tips
H2O On The Go

While drinking plenty of water is a well-known tip to maintain hydration, we often neglect how important it is to consistently drink water-containing fluids throughout the day.   The adage of 8 glasses of water a day just isn’t enough to keep up with the body’s water needs, especially when you have dry winter skin.

The Food and Nutrition Board recommends an average intake of 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men per day of water-based fluids.  Increase intake based on activity level, climate, pregnancy or breastfeeding situations.   If all that water per day sounds boring, try adding lemon or get an antioxidant boost by brewing herbal tea.

Keep your fluid intake eco-friendly by carrying a glass or stainless steel water bottle with you to take your beverage of choice with you or fill up on the go.  Here are some of our favorites from LifeFactory.

Omegas From The Inside Out

While water hydrates the body, omega fatty acids keep that precious fluid in your skin cells to keep your skin hydrated.  When omega oils are low in the diet, there is increased permeability of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin) and increased skin water loss.  Regularly consuming Omega’s 3, 6, 7 and 9 will lock in moisture from the inside out.

A recent study out of Turku Finland demonstrated that 2 grams (2000 mg) of a sea buckthorn fruit and seed oil supplement taken daily showed a significant increase in skin hydration and elasticity at the 1 and 3 month marks.  Skin hydration increased by 33.6% at 1 month and 48.6% at 3 months compared to the control group.  Skin elasticity increased by 16.3 % at 1 month and 25.8% at 3 months.Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement and Cellular Support Capsules

Sibu Beauty’s Liquid Supplement and Cellular Support Capsules as well as the Sibu 7 line contain whole food-based omegas 3, 6, 9 and especially omega 7 from sea buckthorn fruit and seed oils.   Be sure to hydrate and moisturize from the inside out to give your body what it needs to protect it from dry winter environments.


Dry, flaky, itchy skin can leave an accumulation of dead skin cells that prevent moisturizers from properly hydrating skin.  Gentle exfoliation will prevent this build up and improve the ability of moisturizers to create a lipid barrier to protect your skin from dry environments.

When choosing an exfoliator, it is especially important to use an emollient-based product to prevent further drying of skin.  Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub uses both apricot and sea buckthorn oils to moisturize skin while exfoliating with apricot and sea buckthorn seed powders to slough away dead skin cells.  Use once or twice a week on facial skin and 2-3 times a week on elbows and knees or any other rough spots that need extra attention.

Slather On The Lipids

Moderately dry skin will benefit from traditional moisturizers like Sibu Beauty’s Nourishing Facial Cream andMoisturizing Body Cream.  Shea butter, Sibu Beauty Miracle StickMeadow Foam Seed Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil hydrate dry skin and ease irritation.  For the driest, itchiest skin, Sibu Beauty created Miracle Stick.  Luscious ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter create a strong moisturizing barrier against dry environments.  Similar to a lip balm, think of Sibu Beauty’s Miracle Stick as a balm for dry, itchy or cracked skin.

Give your skin the extra pampering it needs during the winter by hydrating from the inside out and the outside in.


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190 Reasons To Get Your Omega 7 from Sea Buckthorn

Omega 7 Fruit OilNot only is Sea Buckthorn the world’s richest source of Omega 7, it also contains over 190 good for your body nutrients in a form that your body recognizes…food.

To get the most out of your Omega 7 supplementation, be sure to choose a pure source as close to its original state as possible.  Some fish-based Omega 7 supplements are highly processed, subjected to high heat distillation, bleaching, solvents and other processes that strip it from its source.  This refining process is often called “purified”.  Look for pure, not purified.

Omega 7

Awareness is growing about this elusive fatty acid.  Omega 7 from Sea Buckthorn has tremendous benefits for heart health including lowering LDL cholesterol, raising HDL cholesterol, lowering C-reactive protein inflammation markers, and reducing platelet aggregation.

190+ Nutrients

Sea buckthorn stands out from the Omega 7 crowd due to its high concentration of nutrients.  Besides being an Omega 7 powerhouse, sea buckthorn boasts more than 190 nutrients that promote health and vitality.  No wonder Dr. Oz calls Sea Buckthorn the new “Miracle Berry”.

In addition to Omega 7, Sea Buckthorn is a premium vegan and sustainable source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9.  Sea buckthorn is a veritable cocktail of antioxidants including carotenoids and tocopherals (various forms of vitamins A and E), polyphenols, superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione, flavonoids and many other free radical scavengers.

Sea buckthorn also contains all 8 essential amino acids and a broad Sea Buckthornrange of minerals like potassium and magnesium.

Sibu’s proprietary Himalayan Sea Buckthorn has the highest concentration of Omega 7 on the market today at 40%.  Sibu Seven Omega 7 Pure, 100% Sea Buckthorn Puree, is hand-harvested during the early morning hours and pureed within a few hours of harvesting to lock in the nutrients.  This is an unfiltered, pure food that your body will recognize and assimilate for optimal results.

Pure, Not “Purified” Omega 7

Sibu Sea Buckthorn BerriesOmega 7 supplements are beginning to inundate the market as word gets out about its health benefits.  Omega 7 supplements are either derived from fish or sea buckthorn.  But which Omega 7 supplement is best and what is the best processing method?

“Purified” Omega 7

In order to get a significant quantity of Omega 7 from fish, which only has 4% -6% Omega 7 by volume, most companies who source their Omega 7 from fish have to go through a rigorous refining process to extract Omega 7 from this animal source.  These companies are positioning their Omega 7 supplement as “Purified” due to this extensive processing.  But does “Purified” mean the finished product is pure?

Unfortunately, this type of marketing is very misleading for the public.  The refining process is actually a 7-step process that subjects Omega 7 to high heat distillation, bleaching and solvents.  “Purified” is hardly pure.  In fact, by the time the fish-based Omega 7 is stripped from the other compounds in the fish, it is no longer an oil, but a reconstituted ester.  Rather than being a “purified” product, it is a synthesized ingredient, unstable and susceptible to rancidity.

Click here to learn more about this extraction process.

Pure Omega 7

Sea buckthorn-based Omega 7 supplements require minimal processing.  Sibu uses Supercritical CO2 extraction, a low temperature extraction process, to separate Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil from the flesh of the berry.

This form of extraction is a gentle process that renders a pure oil free of solvents and full of all of the nutrients naturally found in sea buckthorn fruit oil, 40% of which is Omega 7.  Pure Sea buckthorn fruit oil also contains vitamins A, D, E and K, along with health promoting plant flavonoids.

Sibu Beauty’s proprietary wild-grown Himalayan sea buckthorn provides the purest form of Omega 7 available in its full line of Sea Buckthorn Liquid and Soft Gel Capsule Supplements.

Palmitic Acid

Some companies have brought up concerns regarding the palmitic acid content found in Sea Buckthorn-based Omega 7 supplements.  1 serving of Sibu Sea Buckthorn-based Omega 7 supplements contains less than 1% of the World Health Organization’s recommended daily amount of palmitic acid.  There are significantly higher concentrations of palmitic acid in olive oil, dark chocolate, and even breast milk.

Discrediting sea buckthorn as an Omega 7 source because it contains minimal amounts of palmitic acid is like telling people to not eat carrots because carrots have calories.

Choose Pure Omega 7

Omega 7 has so many health benefits, including cardiovascular benefits.  Adding this fatty acid to your daily nutrient intake can have significant long-term health benefits.  When choosing your Omega 7, be sure to choose a pure, high-quality source with a Supercritical CO2 extraction process that honors the whole food nutrition like that found in Sibu Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil.

Sea Buckthorn Omega 7 For Heart Health

A simple, wholefood way to keep your heart healthy!

Word is getting out about the amazing cardiovascular benefits of Omega 7.

You can expect to hear a lot more about this fatty acid, also known as Palmitoleic Acid, due to exciting scientific research proving its benefits for heart health.

The world’s richest, purest source of Omega 7 is found in wild-crafted, Himalayan sea buckthorn berries.

Raises HDL (Good Cholesterol)

Antioxidant and Omega 7-rich sea buckthorn juice increases HDL levels.

A study by Clair Eccleston, et al. determined that 8 weeks of supplementation with 300 ml of sea buckthorn juice daily resulted in “… an overall increase in HDL-C in the active treatment group of 14% compared with baseline over the study period.”  (Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 2002, June; 13(6): 346-354)

Healthier cholesterol levels in 8 weeks?! I’m in!

Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and Improves Triglycerides

A 2013 Study from The University of Turku, Finland indicated that supplementation with “sea buckthorn berries induced beneficial effects on serum triglycerides.  Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil reduced the serum concentration of total and LDL cholesterol.”  (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013;98:941-51)

Reduces Platelet Aggregation- What the heck does that mean?

Put simply, it can help reduce blood clots….

Research from Anu Johansson et. Al. from the University of Turku, Finland indicates that healthy males given 5 g per day of Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil for 4 weeks resulted in “…a clear decrease in the rate of adenosine-5’-diphosphate induced platelet aggregation.” These findings suggest beneficial effects of Sea Buckthorn Oil on blood clotting.  (Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 11:491-495, 2000)

Lowers C-Reactive Protein- Again, what does it mean?!

The C-reactive protein a substance produced by your liver that increases when there is inflammation in your body.

So the higher the C-reactive protein, the higher the inflammation in your body.

According to a study done by P Larma, et al., from the University of Turku, Finland, subjects given a 28g dose of sea buckthorn puree for 90 days showed a significant reduction of C-Reactive Protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, and a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.  (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2008) 62, 1123 – 1130)

Supplementing With Sea Buckthorn

Your entire cardiovascular system benefits from Omega 7 supplementation from sea buckthorn.  This berry weighs in at 40% Omega 7! The richest source in the world.

Harnessing the power of sea buckthorn and omega 7 has never been easier.

We’ve taken the best wild-grown sea buckthorn, tended to by mother nature to bring you the benefits of omega 7 in an easy to consume daily supplement.

Sibu Seven Omega 7 Pure

sea buckthornNot only are you getting the entire benefit of the sea buckthorn berry and its 190 bio-active nutrients, you also get the most potent form of Omega 7 (aka Palmitoleic Acid) supplement on earth with Sibu Seven Omega 7 Pure.

Thanks to our exclusive premium Himalayan Sea Buckthorn and the purity in how we harvest the berries and make the product, you get over 500 mgs of Omega 7 per 1 ounce serving.

Sibu Seven Omega 7 Fruit Oil

An easy-to-use dropper cap delivers a 370mg dose of body-craving Omega 7 by adding to water, juice, smoothies, on top of food, or straight on the tongue.sea buckthorn oil

Simply squirt and swallow…the wonderfulness of the sea buckthorn Omega 7 fruit oil is a food source and the oil immediately begins to be absorbed into the body.

Nothing added, Sibu Seven Omega 7 Fruit Oil is 100% USDA Organic sea buckthorn fruit oil, wild- grown, hand-harvested, and extracted from the nutrient-rich and pristine Himalayan Mountains.

Sibu Seven Omega 7 Gel Caps

Sibu Seven Omega 7 Soft Gel Caps offer the best source of Omega 7 (Palmitoleic Acid) in easy to swallow capsules. Filled with only 100% pure sea buckthorn fruit oil, two Sibu Seven Omega 7 Soft Gel Caps deliver a daily dose of 370mg Omega 7 from the most nutrient-dense and premium sea buckthorn berry resource in the world.


Your search for the ultimate wholefood heart support ends here!

Get your bottle of Sibu 7 Pure wholefood sea buckthorn today!

Best Source Of Omega 7

Sea Buckthorn BerriesThere’s a lot of buzz about the cardiovascular benefits of Omega 7 in the media recently.  But what foods contain Omega 7 in a high enough concentration to make a significant difference for your health?


Anchovies are one of the few fish that contain enough Omega 7 to be considered a potential source.  However, there are only 25mg of Omega 7 per 10 grams of anchovies.  With this ratio, about 7 ounces (200 grams) of anchovies would need to be consumed per day to get 500mg of Omega 7.

Since most people do not eat anchovies, much less in these quantities, other natural sources are a more practical choice.

Macadamia Nuts

One of the most prevalent sources of Omega 7 found in the plant kingdom is the macadamia nut.  This creamy and crunchy treat contains 14% Omega 7 by volume.  About 4 grams or approximately 4-5 nuts per day provide 500 mg of Omega 7.

Macadamia nuts are a delicious source of Omega 7, but with a 75% fat content and limited nutrient profile, they may not be the best daily or long-term source of Omega 7.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Puree

The richest source of Omega 7 found in nature is Sea Buckthorn Berries weighing in at 18.87%.  1 ounce of unfiltered sea buckthorn berry puree provides 536 mg of Omega 7.  In addition to its Omega 7 or palmitoleic acid content, sea buckthorn also contains more than 190 bioactive compounds that benefit cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urogenital and mucosal health.Sibu Seven Omega 7 Pure Image

Sibu Seven Omega – 7 Pure is the only whole berry, unfiltered and wild-crafted sea buckthorn berry puree available.   To learn more about Omega 7, Sea Buckthorn and its health benefits visit Omega 7.com.

Health Through The Holidays

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement The holidays, filled with delicious treats and savory family meals, can leave us feeling a little worse for ware.  Keep yourself and loved-ones more in balance and headed toward a healthy new year by including a shot of Sibu’s Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement every day.  With over 190 nutrients and Omega 7, it provides energy and is a natural immune system booster.  Who doesn’t need an extra boost during the holidays?


Some of us here at Sibu love to add our daily Liquid Supplement to smoothies, pour it over yogurt or even mix it in with an adult cocktail.


This year, Sibu Seven Omega-7 Pure, made its debut.  While our Liquid Supplement mixes our sea buckthorn puree with other juices for a ready-to-drink beverage, our Sibu Seven Omega 7 Pure is 100% Sea Buckthorn Puree.


Straight sea buckthorn puree is extremely tart.  The most adventurous will drink our Sibu Pure by itself, but we recommend mixing it in a smoothie or other juices for best flavor.    Doctor Weil likes to mix his Sea Buckthorn Puree with agave syrup and sparkling water to make Andy’s Elixir.  For more ways to make Sibu sea buckthorn berries a part of your holidays, check out our Sea Buckthorn Recipes on Pinterest.Sibu Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement and Omega-7 Pure


From all of us here at Sibu, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday!

Why You Need Omega 7

Image for Why You Need Omega 7 ArticleWe are all fairly familiar with the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) including Omega 3 and Omega 6.

However, there is another fatty acid that is recently receiving much more attention and accolades throughout the medical, scientific, research, and wellness communities…it is called Omega 7 also known as Palmitoleic Acid.

Omega 7 can be made, to a certain degree, by the body. However, Western diets, can cause tremendous variances in the amount of Omega 7 that is being absorbed and, it is also worth noting that as we age, the production of Omega 7 begins to decrease which is evident in outward appearances including the skin, hair and nails. Without proper amounts of Omega 7 our skin/hair/nails become dry, brittle and show noticeable signs of damage from free radicals.

Omega 7 is a healthy fatty acid that is also found in human breast milk, sea buckthorn berries, macadamia nuts, fish, along with whole fat dairy products including milk, yogurt and cheese. Omega 7 is not found in low-fat dairy products. As we know, consuming too many high-fat products deliver more harm than good and pose a variety of other potential health issues including obesity.

The good news is the absolute best source of Omega 7 is from a wild-growing plant called sea buckthorn. The berries from this hardy cold-weather shrub packs the most Omega 7 found in any plant or animal source plus 10 times more Vitamin C than Orange Juice and an impressive collection of over 190 bio active nutrients including carotenoids and flavonoids. Sea buckthorn has been used for hundreds of years in Eastern civilizations and recognized for numerous medical and wellness applications.

Studies are underway throughout the US, Canada and Europe, and have recently unveiled a list of demonstrated health benefits derived from ingesting Omega 7 including improved cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and urogenital health, younger looking skin/hair and nails plus the enhancement of mucous membranes throughout the body.

Mucous membranes line the respiratory, urogenital and cardiovascular tracts along with the surface of the eyes. Mucous membranes form a protective barrier for us against harmful environmental elements. Omega 7, specifically from sea buckthorn fruit oil, taken as an internal supplement; along with sea buckthorn seed oil, applied topically; helps to keep mucous membranes healthier by promoting tissue regeneration, improving immune systems and protecting our bodies from the harmful effects of oxidation.

Additionally, sea buckthorn oils are showing impressive results in helping to lower LDL cholesterol while increasing heart-healthy HDL cholesterol.

All sea buckthorn oils do not contain the same nutritional profile and it is important to check a provider’s source. It has been shown that berries grown in high elevations with extremes in temperatures provide the most nutrient dense variety.

Sibu, LLC delivers the best the sea buckthorn berry has to offer through their proprietary Himalayan source, hand-harvesting and processing methods.

Written by Bruce McMullin, Founder & CEO of Sibu, LLC. Bruce is recognized for developing sustainable fair trade efforts for Sibu, LLC, which were recognized and blessed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. McMullin’s charitable, ecological and humanitarian efforts helped establish the company and continue today.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn and Omega 7

Sibu CEO, Bruce McMulling Admiring Tibetan Sea BuckthornSea Buckthorn has an impressive nutritional profile that includes the highest concentration of Omega 7 found in ANY food source. Omega 7 is a critical fatty acid that the body produces, but with aging and not getting the proper nutrition, the amount of Omega 7 production decreases and therefore needs to be obtained from certain foods including macadamia nuts, however, the best source that contains at least 50% more Omega 7, is sea buckthorn.

Numerous clinical and scientific studies document the health and wellness benefits of ingesting Omega 7. Taken daily, Omega 7 benefits skin, hair and nails by boosting collagen production, and delivering the building blocks needed for healthier tone and texture plus it also acts as a constant force of suppression against the negative effects of free radicals that contribute to aging.

Additionally, Omega 7 improves the health of mucous membranes found throughout the body’s inner surfaces of the eyes, gastrointestinal, respiratory and urogenital tracts, by promoting tissue regeneration and improved immune functions. Furthermore, recently released studies have shown encouraging results in the ability of Omega 7 to lower LDL cholesterol, increase HDL (the good) cholesterol and improve insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetes.

However, the benefits associated with this hardy berry go beyond Omega 7. Loaded with over 190 bio actives, sea buckthorn is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available, anywhere. The bright orange berry contains over 40 amino acids, 10 times the vitamin C as an orange along with vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B12 and E, essential fatty acids 3, 6 and 9; plus a network of naturally occurring antioxidants including polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, phytosterols and tocopherols.

It is crucial to realize that not all sea buckthorn is the same. There are numerous varieties grown around the world, and the most nutrient-dense berries are ones that have to sustain themselves against temperature extremes, such as the Sibu LLC Turkistanica variety grown in the Himalayan Mountains. Moreover, how the berries are harvested and processed are also critical factors to keep the nutritional profile intact.  The key difference in harvesting techniques is that most companies that use sea buckthorn berries in their products, chop off entire bushes and stick them into freezers. When they are ready to process the berries they heat the bushes and the berries fall off. The berries are then processed and heated again. This method depletes the berries of their Omegas, Vitamins and bio actives.

Sibu, LLC is the one company that made the conscious decision to harvest the berries, by the traditional ancient method of striking the bushes with sticks, rather than chopping off branches. The ripened berries are collected in burlap ground cloths and then taken to a processing facility to be pureed and processed within hours. Additionally, this company’s sustainable efforts produce practically zero waste, each part of the berry, including the pulp; skin, seeds and leaves, are used in products. The bright orange color that is evident in Sibu products is obtained from having the freshest pureed berries.

The Sibu Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement and RAW daily ingestibles are the freshest variety available and offer the most nutritionally complete sea buckthorn juice anywhere.  For a concentrated source of Omega 7 take Sibu Cellular Support Capsules.

As the Founder of Sibu, LLC, I am committed to promoting further research on sea buckthorn; continue sustainable, free trade efforts and dedication to providing our customers with the premium products.






Written by Bruce McMullin, CEO and Founder of Sibu, LLC. Bruce has identified and sustainably harvests the most nutrient-dense sea buckthorn available and continues to travel the world in search of additional resources. He is responsible for forming the United States Sea Buckthorn Association and encouraging studies and research on sea buckthorn throughout the United States.


The Differences Between Sea Buckthorn Juice and Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Juice and Sea Buckthorn CapsulesThe sea buckthorn berry, possibly the most nutrient dense superfruit currently available, contains nutrients in its seed, pulp and skin.  There are over 190 biologically active compounds in this tiny fruit and research continues to mount supporting its numerous health benefits including cardiovascular, membrane, and diabetic health.

Sea Buckthorn Juice

Sea buckthorn juice contains all 190 bioactive compounds found in the berry.  Sea buckthorn juice should be bright orange, thick and opaque, since the berry itself produces a rich pulp when processed.  Any juice that is translucent or has turned a rust color has been stripped of its oils and oxidized during processing, which damages the nutrient profile.

The nutrients found in the juice/pulp are:

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, K, & P
  • Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 (Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs)
  • 42 Lipids
  • Organic Acids
  • Amino Acids
  • Folic Acid
  • Tocopherols
  • Flavonoids
  • Phenols
  • Terpenes
  • Tannins
  • 20 Mineral Elements

Sibu offers Revitalize & Renew Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement with sea buckthorn puree.  A 1 oz. serving includes all 190 bioactive compounds and 134 mg of Omega 7.

For those that prefer 100% Sea Buckthorn Puree, try Sibu RAW.  Straight puree is astringent and bitter, but mixes well with other juices.  Try it in a smoothie or follow Dr. Andrew Weil’s Elixir Recipe.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea buckthorn seed oil is produced when the oils are extracted from the seed found inside the sea buckthorn berry.  While the seed oil does not contain all 190 bioactive compounds, it is a concentrated source of fat-soluble antioxidants and essential fatty acids or EFA’s.

The nutrients found in sea buckthorn seed oil are:

  • Tocopherols
  • Carotenoids
  • Phytosterols
  • Omega 3, 6 and 9

Sibu offers USDA Certified Organic Therapeutic Grade Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil.  Seed oil is healing for the skin so works well on minor wounds and burns.  It’s also a great spot treatment for acne, rosacea and eczema.

For internal supplementation try Sibu Sea Buckthorn Cellular Support Capsules (80% Fruit Oil/20% Seed Oil).  2 capsules provide 900 mg of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil

Sea buckthorn fruit oil is produced when the oils are extracted from the pulp and skin of the sea buckthorn berry.  While the fruit oil does not contain all 190 bioactive compounds, it is a concentrated source of fat-soluble antioxidants and essential EFA’s and is the richest plant source of Omega 7.

The nutrients found in sea buckthorn fruit oil are:

  • Omega 7
  • Omega 3, 6 and 9
  • Tocopherols
  • Carotenoids
  • Phytosterols

Sibu 7 offers Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil.

For internal supplementation try Sibu Sea Buckthorn Cellular Support Capsules (80% Fruit Oil/20% Seed Oil).  2 capsules provide 900 mg of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9.

Sea buckthorn berries, whether juice or oil, have tremendous benefits for the body.  To get all 190 bioactive compounds, drink sea buckthorn juice daily.  To get a concentrated source of Omega oils and Omega 7 in particular, take Sibu Cellular Support Capsules with both fruit and seed oils.

Omega 7 for Mucus Membranes

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Juice and CapsulesFrom the inner surface of eyes to the digestive, respiratory and urogenital tracts, mucus membranes interact with and protect us from our environment.  Keeping our mucosal tissues healthy protects us from external toxins, allergens and pathogens.

Unfortunately mucus membranes can become dry, sensitive and inflamed.  Consuming the right fatty acids promotes the normal structure, function and regeneration of mucus membranes.

Omega 7 is a fatty acid integral to the formation of healthy skin cells.  This proves particularly true for mucus membrane tissue.  Studies indicate that ingesting Omega 7 protects and strengthens gastric and duodenal mucosa, helps to heal ulcers and reduces gastric secretion.  Quicker recovery and reparation of stomatitis and esophagitis, inflammation of the mouth and throat, which may include the cheeks, gums, tongue and lips due to sea buckthorn oil application has been scientifically substantiated as well.   Omega 7 also improves symptoms of dry mouth and dry eyes.  For the mouth, try saturating a cotton swab with sea buckthorn oil and massaging into gums and inside of cheeks or any irritated areas in the mouth.

For the urogenital tract, ingesting Omega 7 soothes and heals internal mucosal lining.  Sea buckthorn oil with Omega 7 can also be applied externally to irritated or inflamed mucosal tissue including the genital area.

Sibu, The Omega 7 Company, encapsulates sea buckthorn fruit and seed oil, rich in Omega 7 in its Cellular Support Capsules.  For drinkable supplementation try Revitalize and Renew Liquid Supplement with Omega 7.  This is a delicious and refreshing juice with over 350 mg of Omega oils in each serving.  For topical application Sibu Therapeutic Grade Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is recommended.  Maximize Omega 7 intake from nature’s most natural and richest source, sea buckthorn.





Omega 7 Lowers Insulin Resistance

Omega 7 Lowers Insulin Resistance

Pic by prblogsnetwork via photobucket

With America’s growing obesity rates and metabolic syndrome, it’s no wonder that Type 2 Diabetes is also on the rise.

Type 2 Diabetes or adult onset diabetes is the result of the pancreas no longer producing enough insulin to assist glucose’s entry into cells or the cells themselves become resistant to insulin.  When glucose builds up in the blood, diabetes complications follow:

Increased risk of glaucoma and cataracts in the eyes.

Neuropathy or nerve damage.

Poor circulation and foot problems sometimes leading to amputation

Bacterial and fungal infections of the skin

Heart disease

High blood pressure

Increase risk of hearing loss

Omega 7 research shows promise for those heading toward Type 2 Diabetes.  Omega 7, or palmitoleic acid, is a monounsaturated fatty acid.  Found in most body tissues, it is more concentrated in the liver.  What makes it so beneficial for those with diabetes is two fold.  Omega 7 reduces inflammation thereby increasing insulin sensitivity.  Secondly, it inhibits the destruction of insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas.  Omega 7 contributes to the proper functioning of the pancreas and improves the body’s ability to uptake glucose.

While most research is has been done on mice, human trials are showing promise as well.

How to increase your intake of Omega 7

Omega 7 can be found in plant, animal and marine oils such as macadamia nuts and salmon.  But, sea buckthorn oil is the richest source of Omega 7 weighing in at 40%.  Sibu Beauty provides premium, wild-grown sea buckthorn oil in its Cellular Support Capsules and Revitalize and Renew Liquid Supplement.

Protect your health by incorporating Omega 7 supplementation into your diet.




New Findings Reveal Omega-7 Beneficial to Heart Health

Omega 7 for Heart Health

Pic by carlaf_photo via photobucket

For years we have been told about the many benefits of various Omega fatty acids on numerous internal functions but the scientific and medical communities have just begun to realize the remarkable attributes of the little-known and seldom-researched fatty acid, Omega 7, also known as Palmitoleic Acid. 

In a recent study under the tutelage of Dr. Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Omega 7 has been touted as the “next Omega” and the positive effects it has demonstrated on the ability to lower dangerous LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while, at the same time, boosting and raising the good, heart-healthy HDL cholesterol. The most astounding difference between Omega 7 and Omega 3 is that while Omega 3 has lowered triglycerides it can subsequently also elevate the “bad” cholesterol or LDL’s.  In addition to negatively impacting the heart, a rise in LDL cholesterol is also a direct link to the potential of developing Type-2 diabetes. 

In the study the total population realized a drop in LDL cholesterol after being administered only 210 mg/day of Omega 7. 

Studies continue throughout the world and new published reports will be available in the coming months. A recent study is outlined by Dr. Roizen. Click here to see his video

It is important to realize that all Omega 7 is not created equally. The methods in growing, harvesting and most importantly extracting and processing make a difference in the effectiveness and potency of this nutritional powerhouse, Omega-7.

The sea buckthorn berry has the highest concentration of Omega 7 of any food source and is the key ingredient in both the topical and ingestible products in the Sibu Beauty line. 

Sibu, LLC is about to introduce a new nutritionally-focused ingestible line of supplements under the label “Sibu 7” which will be available online this fall and on store shelves in early 2013. 

For more information, feel free to post your question or comments below.

Natural Allergy Relief

Spring brings allergy season and for those of us who are negatively affected by  pollen, we usually have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.

While you have your parents and grandparents to thank for seasonal sneeze, there are ways to fortify your system for this annual onslaught.  Plants that are insect pollinated like wild and garden flowers are not to blame, so go ahead and smell the roses.  Wind-pollinated trees and plants are usually the culprits, so limit outside activities on windy days.

Omega-7 and Omega Oils

Fortifying your body with the nutrients it needs for healthy mucus membranes is foundational for natural allergy relief.  We’re not shy about this here at Sibu. Omega-7 is integral for the formation of healthy mucous membranes.  Pollen infiltrates our nasal passages and eyes first so healthy mucus membranes are the first and best defense.  Sea Buckthorn is the richest plant source of Omega-7.  Drinking Revitalize and Renew and taking our Cellular Support Capsules does the body good with Omegas 3, 6, 9, and especially Omega-7.

Along with supporting healthy mucous membranes, Omega oils are natural inflammation reducers.  With inflammation quickly following sneezing and watery eyes, it’s a must to take your omegas.

Spice Things Up

Heat up your recipes with cayenne pepper, ginger and fenugreek.  Curry, anyone?  Also, go heavy on onion and garlic.  According to WebMD, “Eating hot spicy foods can help thin mucus secretions and keep your sinus passages clear.”

Herbs and More

Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) helps relieve allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. Patients given Butterbur, standardized to contain 8 mg of petasin, 3 times a day proved the most beneficial. No negative side effects were noted according to research done in Germany and Switzerland.

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) blocks histamine from binding to histamine 1 (H1) receptors, inhibiting allergic reactions like hay fever.  It also stops inflammatory response according to Phytotherapy Research.

Quercetin, one of many flavonoids naturally occurring in Sea Buckthorn, has growing research supporting its efficacy for natural allergy relief.  “Quercetin is a potent anti-histamine that prevents the release of itch chemicals that make our nose run and our eyes water. “ Richard Firshein (HealthPrism.com)

Bromelain, besides being an enzyme that aids digestion, helps break down mucus and lessen inflammation, according to Dr. Edward Group,  “The health benefits of bromelain also include help for colds, asthma, and excessive mucus production in the respiratory system.  Patients who suffer from hay fever and other seasonal allergies may also benefit from bromelain’s anti-inflammatory activity.”

Enjoy Your Spring and Summer

With a little help from Mother Nature, we don’t have to let allergy season slow us down.  Enjoy the breeze and blooms of spring and summer.  Just remember to “spice things up”, take your Omegas (especially Omega-7), and consider Stinging Nettle, Butterbur, Quercetin, and Bromelain for anti-histamine support.

This article is for educational purposes only.  Always consult your doctor before taking any herbs or supplements.  Results from studies have not been confirmed by the FDA.

Skin Care for Men


Is there really a difference between men and women’s products other than scent? Many skin care products catering to women will use distinctly feminine scents with floral or sweet notes, sending most guys out the store doors with bar soap and maybe sunscreen if they know enough about skin care to protect themselves from UV damage.

To reach the male skin care market, companies often take the same formulations geared toward women and exchange the scent with something more masculine smelling like woodsy notes.  But is that really all there is to it?

The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Skin

Both genders have similarities when it comes to aging, sensitivity, oiliness and more.  The difference comes when we take a look at hormonal differences and the role of facial hair.  Men generally have higher levels of testosterone than women, which can result in increased oiliness.  While this oiliness can be troublesome for daily care and preventing breakouts, the increase in moisture retention from teens to the middle years can help men’s skin age better. Higher testosterone levels also provide some protection from collagen and elastin degradation.  After age 50, as testosterone levels decline, men will find their skin becoming more dry and in need of more emollient products.

If a man sports a beard, this actually protects the underlying skin from UV exposure.  Over many years the cumulative effect can make a significant difference in the youthfulness of that skin. Conversely, shaving the skin causes increased sensitivity, inflammation, potential for infection and ingrown hairs.  All of these factors call for products that can specifically address these variables.  Hence, the men’s old standby, “aftershave.”  Unfortunately, most aftershaves have not been updated to remove irritants and promote  healing of skin tissue.  This is where research-based skin care, usually reserved for women’s skin care, crosses over to help men get better results.

The likelihood of ingrown hairs decreases with regular exfoliation, so adding a scrub to the weekly routine can really help.  Aftershave needs to add moisture without increasing oiliness, reduce inflammation, and have ingredients that are anti-microbial.

Science Based Skin Care

With science supporting our skin care, Sibu Beauty’s formulations are suited for all skin types, including men’s.  To address the stress caused to the skin from shaving we particularly recommend our Exfoliating Scrub and Hydrating Serum.  Use our scrub on a weekly basis to reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

In addition to being chalk full of antioxidants and Omega 7, sea buckthorn is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.  Using our Sea buckthorn Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid makes the perfect moisturizing, calming, and healing aftershave.

What most skin care lines overlook, is that great skin starts from the inside out.  We always recommend drinking our all natural Revitalize & Renew Drink with organic Sea Buckthorn and taking our Cellular Support Capsules to give your body over 190 nutrients and especially Omega-7 for the formation of healthy hair, skin and nails.

For more information on men’s skin we recommend checking out the International Dermal Institute.

Health and beauty relies on these “must have” Vitamins & Omegas

Omega 3, 6, 7, 9Research suggests that a boost in your daily vitamin and omega intake can reduce or eliminate acne breakouts, and your body will thank you as well.

To start, a study in 2004 by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine revealed that an increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce acne lesions. When combined with a low glycemic diet- little to no white flour – its effectiveness is much greater.

Those who suffer greatly from acne should try consuming less sugar and white flour, and consuming more nuts, whole grains and fish. Our rationale:

The Omega’s

Omega-3 (fish, sea buckthorn & chia): Supports healthy heart, brain and eye function, as well as reduces swelling and joint discomfort.

Omega-5 (pomegranate & fish): Promotes healthy weight and cardiovascular health as well as aids in blood-sugar balance.

Omega-6 (borage, fish & sea buckthorn): Benefits hair and skin, and has been linked to improving mood and hormone balance. Also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Omega-7 (sea buckthorn & Fish): Promotes healthy weight and bowel regularity. Antioxidant properties aid anti-aging and nourish healthy cells – especially in the digestive tract.

Omega-9 (borage & fish): Linked to healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol level. Supports improved immune function and healthy blood sugar.

Vitamin A
Where you can find it: Egg yolks, carrots, broccoli, cantaloupes, apricots, kale, garlic, fish liver oil, sweet potatoes, water cress, papayas, yellow squash, sea buckthorn and red peppers.

Vitamin A, “Skin Vitamin,” is essential in skin repair. It is needed to repair and maintain epithelial tissue, which composes the skin and mucous membranes. Two types of Vitamin A include, Preformed Vitamin A (retinol), which is part of the retinoid family, and Provitamin A, beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that helps reduce premature aging of the skin.

Vitamin B
Where you can find it: Whole grain, brown rice, egg yolks, peanuts, sea buckthorn, dried prunes, fish and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B works to manage the nervous system, skin, hair, mouth, eyes, brain and the digestive system. Vitamin B has also been known to alleviate depression and anxiety.

Vitamin B is broken down into 7 different Vitamins, which compose the Vitamin B Complex (this is a much easier vitamin to take instead of all 7 separately): B1 Thamine, B2 Riboflavin, B3 Niacin, B5 Pantothenic Acid, B6 Pyridoxine, B12 Cyanocobalamin, and Biotin. You can find the benefits of all of the Vitamin B’s HERE.

CLICK HERE for a list of Super Foods
CLICK HERE for a Cellular Support Supplement

The Power is in the Berry

Our friends at Baby Gorilla Productions put together this hilarious clip featuring the Sibu Beauty Revitalize and Renew Sea Buckthorn Juice and the Sea Buckthorn Body Cream.  Here, at the Sibu Beauty offices, we’ve been laughing all morning.  Watch it, share it, and watch it again!  Enjoy!

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Meet The New “It Girl” in Super Fruits

Sibu BerriesBy now you know that Sibu Beauty is the global leader of premium sea buckthorn berry- based nutritional and personal care products, but are you still wondering: “What’s the sea buckthorn berry”?  Well it’s time to introduce you to the new “it girl” in super fruits.

The sea buckthorn berry, with a reputation for healing and used to improve digestion, promote blood circulation and relieve cough and chronic pain for over one thousand years in China, is now becoming even more famous for its numerous health and beauty benefits.

The sea buckthorn berry grows in cooler climates throughout the world and is resilient to harsh weather conditions. Sibu Beauty’s source is found high in the Himalayan Mountains at altitudes of 12,000 ft above sea level. Sibu Beauty’s experience has shown that the bright orange berry actually fortifies itself against the extreme forces of nature by producing an array of powerful nutrients from deep inside the earth and packing the nutritive properties into its bright orange berry. Fortified with over 190 bio-active compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and is also a rich source of the most elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, a naturally occurring component that keeps free radicals at bay and proves vital to the production of collagen. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that sea buckthorn demonstrates the ability to improve hair, nail and skin tone/texture, digestive wellness and promotes healthy aging.

The botanical name, Hippophae L., is derived from the Greek work “hippo” meaning horse, known for strengthening horses and restoring a brilliant luster to their coats. Genghis Khan was documented as powering his army and horses on sea buckthorn by increasing their stamina and giving them the ability to recover more rapidly from combat. Women throughout the ages, in remote areas of the world, have used sea buckthorn for its protective properties against the harsher elements of nature. Today sea buckthorn is rapidly becoming acknowledged as one of the most significant functional whole food rediscoveries of the 21 st Century.

Sibu Beauty premium sea buckthorn berry products are sold in hundreds of locations including Whole Foods, Sprouts and now GNC, as well as on the Sibu Beauty website. For more information on the sea buckthorn berry, check out the video below.

Holy Fruit Beauty Secret Profiled On The Doctors Show

The Doctors (2008 TV series)
Image via Wikipedia

Sea buckthorn berry – the holy fruit cherished by native Tibetans was featured on this mornings episode of ‘The Doctors’ as a natural home remedy moisturizer. The doctors noted that sea buckthorn is loaded with Omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 and offer exceptional nutrient qualities for hair, skin and nails. Watch as the host drinks our Revitalize and Renew Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement.

Best Home Remedies from around the World

Sibu segment is at 2:41 in the clip. http://thedoctorstv.com/main/procedure_list/1032

Doctors Show

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What exactly is Sea Buckthorn?

“Don’t eat that, you don’ know know where it came from!”

Wise words from Mom and to be truthful, words we all could do better living by. Take a moment and ask yourself how much you really know about what you put in your body. What’s in it? What are those big words that you can’t pronounce? Do the company’s values match your own? Is it a good corporate citizen that makes the world a better place or does it just sell stuff?

Are you scared now or just curious? When you use Sibu Beauty you have nothing to fear and we encourage your curiosity. During the next few weeks we will be talking more about Sibu Beauty, what we stand for as a company, the actions we take across the globe to make the world a better place and helping you better understand what goes into making Sibu Beauty.

To start with, here is a short five-minute video about the sea buckthorn berry — what it is, where it comes from and why you should care as well as Sibu Beauty’s efforts in the Himalayas to get the premium quality, hand-harvested, fair-trade sea buckthorn from a pristine, sustainable source in Tibet.

If you have questions, drop us a note in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook. We will do our best to get back to you because this is not just our business, it is our passion, and it shows in everything we do.