Good Omegas – Better Omegas

We all know that Omegas are good for you, right? What do they really do for your body? Here’s the skinnny:

The big hype is about Omega-3, a fatty acid found in foods like walnuts, some fruits and vegetables, and cold-water fish such as herring, anchovies and many more is a “long-chain” essential fatty acid (named essential because they cannot be produced by the body). Omega 3 has been linked to benefits in heart health, vision, brain function, immune diseases, and many more benefits.


Omegas from our Fishy Friends

Get omegas from our fishy-friends





Fishy Omega 3:
Our bodies naturally absorbs Omega-3s from fish, fortified foods and fish oils.

However, the absorption of Omega-3s from consuming fish is greater than a pure fish-oil supplement because the supplement absorption is only increased if other fat-containing foods are consumed with them. Absorption is greater as the amount of Omega-3s increases. Therefore, eating the fish allows for the body to consume the Omega-3 from the fish oil as well as the other nutrients from the fish itself.

If you like fish, eat more of our fishy-friends! You can thank them later.

And, if you can’t stand the taste of fish, you’re vegetarian, vegan, or simply don’t eat fish taking a supplement is a great choice. Your body can still be rewarded from the benefits of the Omegas.

Visit WebMD for more information on the health benefits from the Omegas, or simply click the link below:

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