Sea buckthorn berries

Meet The New “It Girl” in Super Fruits

Sibu BerriesBy now you know that Sibu Beauty is the global leader of premium sea buckthorn berry- based nutritional and personal care products, but are you still wondering: “What’s the sea buckthorn berry”?  Well it’s time to introduce you to the new “it girl” in super fruits.

The sea buckthorn berry, with a reputation for healing and used to improve digestion, promote blood circulation and relieve cough and chronic pain for over one thousand years in China, is now becoming even more famous for its numerous health and beauty benefits.

The sea buckthorn berry grows in cooler climates throughout the world and is resilient to harsh weather conditions. Sibu Beauty’s source is found high in the Himalayan Mountains at altitudes of 12,000 ft above sea level. Sibu Beauty’s experience has shown that the bright orange berry actually fortifies itself against the extreme forces of nature by producing an array of powerful nutrients from deep inside the earth and packing the nutritive properties into its bright orange berry. Fortified with over 190 bio-active compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and is also a rich source of the most elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, a naturally occurring component that keeps free radicals at bay and proves vital to the production of collagen. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that sea buckthorn demonstrates the ability to improve hair, nail and skin tone/texture, digestive wellness and promotes healthy aging.

The botanical name, Hippophae L., is derived from the Greek work “hippo” meaning horse, known for strengthening horses and restoring a brilliant luster to their coats. Genghis Khan was documented as powering his army and horses on sea buckthorn by increasing their stamina and giving them the ability to recover more rapidly from combat. Women throughout the ages, in remote areas of the world, have used sea buckthorn for its protective properties against the harsher elements of nature. Today sea buckthorn is rapidly becoming acknowledged as one of the most significant functional whole food rediscoveries of the 21 st Century.

Sibu Beauty premium sea buckthorn berry products are sold in hundreds of locations including Whole Foods, Sprouts and now GNC, as well as on the Sibu Beauty website. For more information on the sea buckthorn berry, check out the video below.

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