Omega 7 Fruit Oils
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Omega 7 USDA Organic Fruit Oils

An important fundamental supplement on the road to more optimal health truly doesn’t get easier than the Sibu Seven Omega 7 USDA Organic Fruit Oil. An easy-to-use dropper cap delivers a daily dose of body-craving Omega 7 by adding to water, juice, smoothies, on top of food, or straight on the tongue. Simply squirt and swallow…the wonderfulness of the sea buckthorn Omega 7 fruit oil is a food source and the oil immediately begins to be absorbed into the body. Nothing added, just 100% USDA Organic sea buckthorn fruit oil, grown, hand-harvested, and extracted from the nutrient-rich and unscathed Himalayan Mountains.

Omega 7 is rapidly becoming one of the newest and most-respected fatty acids because of the newly released scientific studies that are proving that this little-known Omega is, in actuality, a powerhouse that has the potential to vastly improve numerous internal and external functions and is set to take the lead as the most important non-essential fatty acids. 

Sibu, LLC discovered the wonders of the sea buckthorn berry several years ago and built a line of beauty and wellness products based on the various parts of the berry including the pulp, the leaves, the seed oil, and the fruit oil. After years of encouraging and promoting further research into the sea buckthorn berry, Sibu, LLC realized the significance of ingesting sea buckthorn fruit oil to several internal workings of the body. It has been confirmed that the sea buckthorn fruit oil contains the highest concentration of Omega 7 found anywhere and that was the beginning of the Sibu Seven Omega 7 line of supplements.

Simply put, a daily dosage of Sibu Seven Omega 7 USDA Organic Fruit Oil promotes a healthier body from within. Omega 7 is an important component for numerous internal functions including cardiovascular, urogenital and gastrointestinal health and additionally contributes, on a cellular level, to healthier outsides…smoother skin with improved tone, healthier hair and stronger, less-brittle nails. 

Taking a Omega 7 has been clinically verified to help in improving cardiovascular health, lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol, helping to rid the digestive tract of unwanted waste, promoting healthier mucous membranes in the urogenital tracts and prompting the body to store less fat. Simply put, Omega 7 is a fatty acid that delivers what your body needs.

It is important to note that all sea buckthorn does not contain the same amount of Omega 7. Factors including where the berries are sourced, what conditions they are grown in, how they are harvested and when they are processed make a difference in the efficacy of the supplement.

Sibu, LLC delivers the most nutrient-dense sea buckthorn available. The berries are grown high in the Himalayan Mountains at 13,000 feet above sea levels in environmentally and climatically superior conditions. In addition, Sibu, LLC’s berries are hand-harvested and processed within hours to ensure optimal potency.

Sibu Seven Omega 7 USDA Organic Fruit Oil is cruelty-free and contains no synthetic additives, binders, colors, sweeteners, gluten, parabens, sulfates, artificial preservatives, or harsh ingredients.

Omega 7 Fruit Oil
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