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Sibu Raw

Sibu Raw

Sibu RAW is 100% Pure Premium Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Puree. Sourced from 12,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains from wild-growing sea buckthorn plants, this magical fruit is in its purest form in Sibu RAW. Totally natural with no preservatives or additives, this product is VERY POTENT and should only be ordered by those accustomed to consuming such strong natural products. A little goes a long way. Just a couple of ounces per day can offer many benefits from the 190 bioactive compounds found in the sea buckthorn berry. Health benefits include: cardiovascular protection/health, resistance to sickness and disease, improved gastrointestinal function, better skin and mucus membrane health, reduced inflammation throughout the body, and healthy, sustained energy name a few. Sea Buckthorn is truly a MAGICAL FOOD and Sibu RAW is the purest, most potent form available anywhere in the world!

  • 100% Raw Sea Buckthorn Puree
  • Fair-trade, hand-harvested
  • No additives, preservatives, water, etc
  • Must be kept refrigerated
  • 16 fl oz


Sea buckthorn puree and nothing else...not even water added.

* Sibu Raw Ships 2nd Day Air and only on Tuesdays. All orders must be placed by Midnight on Monday. Otherwise it will ship the following Tuesday. This is necessary to make sure the product does not get stuck in shipping more than 2 days.

* Refrigerate immediately upon delivery. Product is unpasteurized and cannot be left out for long periods.

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SBRAW4200 Sibu RAW - 4 Pack $89.95
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